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Hairbrained Conversations

Nov 5, 2023

The idea that the opportunities are endless in the beauty industry needs no further proof than Kristin Firrell (@kfirrell). Now the VP of Salon Development at @paulmitchellpro, Kristin got her start as a salon stylist, and it was a transformative course at Sassoon in London that informed and drove her passion for education, which continues to this day. This focus on continuous learning, adaptability and understanding the "whys" behind our actions is the backbone of the new Paul Mitchell Pro Rewards program. Of course, the tier-based program rewards purchases, but what truly elevates it to superstar status is that it also rewards hairdressers for completing continuing education. What's more, the points earned can be used beyond the salon space: for financial literacy, travel, even donations to their favorite charities. Be sure to tune in to learn all about this exciting new endeavor and how it helps support Paul Mitchell's commitment to transparency, culture and social responsibility.